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DJ Zinhle received R200 000 from Oskido for her 1st pregnancy

03 October 2021

Written by Sphe J Hadebe

Johannesburg- Media personality and businesswoman, DJ Zinhle has made a revelation that amazed many people about her colleague in the music industry, DJ Oskido.

The relationship between the two is on another level as it seems like they really do keep each other's backs at all costs. It is a common fact that they really support each other, most particularly in the music.

This brings to a question of how far can you go when showing love to your friend?

DJ Oskido has already answered that question, in a way. He went far to the extent that he gave DJ Zinhle a huge sum of money of R200 000 when she was pregnant for the first time.

It was when DJ Zinhle was pregnant with AKA's baby, Kairo Forbes.

 Now, DJ Zinhle has revealed that she recieved hefty gift she from Oskido for her first pregnancy.

I must say that DJ Zinhle's relationship with Oskido is one which many can't help but be envious of, from their musical collaborations to their involvement in each others lives. 

In the latest episode of her reality show Unexpected on BET, Zinhle went down memory lane and told her fans announcing a pregnancy has never been easy for her, not with baby Asante and certainly not with Kairo over six years ago.

Zinhle told the story of how nervous she was to reveal news of her pregnancy to Oskido when she fell pregnant with Kairo Forbes.

“I feel like it's so tough to report to everyone that I am a fifty-thousand-year-old who's pregnant ... he was [cool with me when I told him I was pregnant with Kairo] he even gave me money,” she said.

It will be remembered that DJ Zinhle's song produced and mastered by Oskido made waves. That song was recorded during the time when DJ Zinhle was dating a coloured guy.

DJ Oskido took it to DJ Zinhle's timeline to inform her that he is done with mastering the song. The way he put it made it clear that the two have such a marvelous relationship which is friendship goals. Oskido said " Your Mr blonde is keeping you busy hey," in a jokingly manner.

I admire such friendship as well.


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