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Clement and Pretty should leave the dating game because they are too young

Clement and Pretty relationship bite the dust

Clement and Pretty lives under a strict house with strict rules but they still get into more trouble outside the house. Could Clement be pregnant too?

Clement has been in a relationship with a married man who promised him heaven n earth and it ended in tears. Pretty also did an abortion because of the stress she was getting from her family and the potential baby dads.

Clement is left shuttered after Tlotliso defined him as an 'old friend' to his wife and he still thinking on how is he going to face his family after so much drama.

Viewers think that Clement could be the next pregnant because him and Tlotliso could not keep their hands off each other in the past few weeks.

Would you live your studies to be with a married man who promises you heaven and earth? Well Clement did and it backfired.


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