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South Africans are left confused by what the government has revealed, read here

One would swear that, the government is ran by people who are not educated because they are always telling stories that are far fetched whenever they don't have a plausible excuse for the mess they have created and dug South Africans into.

South Africa has reached fourty six percent rate of unemployment and there are plenty of graduates who are even struggling to secure internships or entry level jobs.

There is a shortage of teachers, nurses and engineers yet people who are qualified for those jobs but they are sitting at home holding onto hope that one day, they will be remembered.

"Netcare says that, there is shortage of nurses, Pravin Gordhan says there is shortage of engineering and skills at Eskom, and Joe Phaahla says there is shortage of doctors. South Africa has 46% unemployment rate. There is something very fundamentally wrong in this country", one wrote

South Africans are really alone in this country.

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