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Opinion: We have to stop underestimating the people of Venda.

South Africa has 11 official languages and that means that we have about 11 tribes in South Africa, but there are some tribes that are not getting as much attention as some 9f the tribes in South Africa. Some of the tribes that aren't getting the attention of the main stream media in South Africa is the Venda tribe and the Tsonga tribes. These tribes seem to be two of the most underestimated tribes in South Africa, among others such as Swati and Ndebele.

One thing we have to do is stop underestimating the tribes that reside in Limpopo, more especially the Venda tribe. If you were to visit venda you would be surprised to see the houses or properties that are there. A lot of people have reacted to the houses that are found in Venda. Venda people are building some of the biggest and most beautiful houses in South Africa, they have transformed a land that was just fields of trees into a suburb area.

Venda is unlike the big cities, like Sandton and Midrand but the land is much more beautiful as compared to other suburbs in south Africa and this could be because they have reserved some of the natural landscapes such as trees and natural grass that was already there, which just makes it a little bit more unique and makes it much more of a place one should consider residing in.

The Venda people have improved venda so much ever since South Africa got its independence from the apartheid Era. You could even make the argument that Venda is one of the most improved rural communities in South Africa right now. Although not everyone will agree with this but the proof is in the pudding. The houses they've built should be proof enough, to show how venda has improved its infrastructure over time.

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