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Bad News For All Anti-Vaxxer South Africans, The Digital Vaccine Certificate Is Now Here


This is should raise a concern among South Africans that the Covid-19 digital vaccination certificate has been officially activated by the Department of Health. There is no reason as to way the certificate had to go digital. Vaccines have been here for centuries however there was nothing like a digital vaccination certificate. Before COVID, people would look at you as a crazy person if you would request for a digital vaccination certificate because they would say that there is no need for it as everyone uses a hardcopy. However since there is an agenda tied with the COVID pandemic, it's suddenly ok for vaccine certificates to go digital.

Another reason why this is wrong is because all this information is being stored. If we were to ask the government to show us the records of people who have received the vaccine against Malaria, we will barely even find any information on that. Suddenly the government is now recording those who have been vaccinated in order to mark out those who have not been vaccinated.

In my opinion I believe that the digital vaccine certificate has been brought in as a way for vaccinated people to move about freely without have to stress about carrying around the hardcopy vaccine certificate. This should paint a picture as to where all this is going. For those who thought that they would buy the vaccine certificates, the wheels have turned as this is now a digital thing which cannot be rigged as it involves your ID number.

Who knows just how far away we are from the mark of the beast, because this digital vaccine certificate seems like a prototype as it meets all the requirements. What are your thoughts on this matter? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Please like, share and help News.info20 reach 5 000 followers. Thank you.

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Anti-Vaxxer Bad News For All Covid-19 South Africans


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