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5 Signs You Are Being Led Astray By Your Friends

There is nothing better than having friends who will support you and give you good advice when needed. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of making good friends; Here are some signs that you are being led by someone you call your friend.

 Your friends have a fair climate.

 A bad friend is a person who clings to things when things go well. On the other hand, when things go wrong, they are nowhere to be found. Such people will only treat you because they want to benefit from everything you do, but they will never give you useful advice.

 They are not for you

 In both good and bad times, a friend is always there for you. When you have a hard time finding your best friend, you realize that it is not true. You are not always there when you have a problem.

 They always seem to need something from you.

 This is probably the perfect example of a friend who can lead you astray. They see you as a money-making machine and want to absorb every penny you earn.

 They are competing with you.

 Friends should have a back for each other. A friend who tries to guide you will see everything as a race. This is because they can never resist the idea that you are better than they are.

 They make you feel bad about yourself

 Instead of comforting your friend, you need to be willing to let go of resentment. Only those agents of darkness have been sent to bring you down to a state of despair.

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