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Ops Khanyi Mbau Tried To Be Nice To Somizi But Somizi Just Publicly Ignored Her. What Was The Reason

It has become such a norm for our favourite celebrities to be posing together for pictures as if they are friends but then treat each other otherwise at the end.

One thing that sets South Africans aside from any other nations is our spirits of Ubuntu. In our South African culture, when someone is in pain or going through something we really try to step in and help in whatever way we can, we put our selves in their situation. If someone is celebrating because of an achievement, we celebrate with them as if we are the ones who got that win. That's just who we are and that's just how the spirit of Ubuntu goes.

But what if you try show love to someone and then they just give you a cold shoulder? Even worse, they do that publicly? Somizi just took to his Instagram and shared with his followers that he is currently on vacation, so Khanyi mbau since she is always in the air now that she lives in Dubai, tried to show somizi some love and commented on his post and guess what Somizi did? He ignored khanyi like he's never met her before, this was strange because how could you do this to someone so publicly? Someone who even attended your wedding

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