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Opinion| Former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng's prayer about vaccine enlightened many people

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng prayed for the South African people, Chief Justice was just seeking a signal from God to show us if this vaccine is right for our health. Our government started to investigate former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng just because he prayed for us about their vaccine.

Many people took the vaccine without understanding it very well. People rushed to get vaccinated without trying to find out what this vaccine is made of. Many people now regret taking the vaccine because our government is just proving to us that they wanted to play with our lives.

After the report of many complaints about vaccines from vaccinated people, our government tried to cover its tracks by saying it does have reactions towards our bodies. The most surprising thing they don't know what kind of reaction is it, they will tell that it differs from our bodies.

As an individual, you must invite God to your place to protect you from this evil world, and remove everything that got into you by tricky words in the name of Jesus. We still gonna hear a lot about this vaccine, wait and watch, more is to come.

Why did they force us to take it, it was understandable if they say when you took it, it will prevent you to spread it but is way around. The only reason is to give you the power to not sleep on a hospital bed if it got you like truly speaking is that confusing statement they could use for us to get vaccinated.

There is something more about this vaccine, but God knows everything, and with his almighty name, we shall defeat and prosper.

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