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A Police woman from KZN shot and killed her best friend, see what happened.

MTHEMBU After allegedly killing her friend at a party, a police officer has been arrested. Very early yesterday morning, the incident occurred. Many concerns remain for the family of traffic officer Mbali Mthethwa, who was apparently killed by a friend. It is unknown what sparked the fight, but the dead is said to have reached for the comatose suspect before pulling out a gun and shooting her to death.

Relative Mr. Siphamandla Ntombela acknowledged his family's shock and sadness at the news, saying that the deceased and he had been close friends and regular travelers together. As is their usual, they went to another celebration in Ulundi. On their way out, they stopped at a convenience store to grab some breakfast. They were buying a pie when a young boy allegedly came up to them, wanting to know why and offering to trade some meat for a ride to his house in exchange. Everybody arrived in the village in the end.

Whatever happened inside, Mbali's friend apparently became bewildered, snatched a pistol, and bolted."

Worried about what might have happened, Mbali followed her friend back into the house. When she had her surrounded, she grabbed her and blasted her with a shotgun." Mr. Ntombela says so.

The suspect was a friend of Mbali's, he said, so even though they were all shocked by what happened, they were able to remain objective since they kept in touch with the suspect's family. Since her sister was our best friend, we have kept in touch with her family and talked to and worked with them during this process. Affected families want a chance to discuss this, he said.

KZN police spokesperson Constable Thenjiswa Ngcobo: According to her information, a 35-year-old lady had been arrested in connection with the murder. Eventually, she will have to appear in court.

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