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South Africa's CIT heists

South Africa's cash in transit heists: A public emergency? 

The precarious film could arise out of a film: men staying on the lavish skirt utilizing AK-47s, bombs exploding, and the sound of gunfire. 

Regardless, this isn't the latest action blockbuster. This is a little South African town in the day, and what the shocked driver is recording from the general prosperity of his own vehicle is a scene being repeated the country over on an essentially customary timetable: a cash in transit heist. 

It is a plague which has seen an enormous number of rand disappear heavily influenced by outstandingly planned gatherings of gangsters - a bad behavior gorge which some say can be followed back to the real police, and that others propose is being organized by hooligans already investing energy in prison in jail. 

It is, according to those mindful of everything, viewed as high regard and for the most part protected - at any rate, for those finishing the attacks. 

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Occupants loot cash in transit van after heist in Tembisa 

Police have given an unforgiving reprimand to networks not to loot cash coming (CIT) vans after thefts since they might be charged comparing to the bad behavior. 

The caution trails the CIT van was hit on Reverend RTJ Namane Drive in Tembisa around 6.30pm on Monday. An undisclosed proportion of money was taken. 

As shown by police delegate Lt-Col Brenda Muridili, the security association's drivers had as of late assembled cash when they went under. 

Spectators took cash spilt from a detonated van in Tembisa on Monday evening. Police have forewarned that anyone having the cash could be charged as an assistant to equipped thievery. 

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Cash in transit plunderers got after a short time heist with cash, taken vehicles and guns 

Johannesburg: Ten suspects professed to have denied a cash van of an undisclosed aggregate were caught before long the burglary. 

Speedily after the cash in transit burglary happening, police sorted out some way to find and catch 10 suspects and besides held onto a Lexus, an Audi, a Volkswagen Caravelle and Hyundai minibus that had been used in the scene. 

They found stained cash similarly as six rifles, six firearms and ammunition. 

Colonel Brenda Muridili of the public police said it was represented that a cash van was obliged off the road by an Audi on the Majakaneng Scaffold, between Keya Rona Shopping focus and Majakaneng in North West. 

She said the assumes then purportedly compelled open the cash vehicle, yet while they were getting to the money, the escort vehicle driver attracted the suspects. 

Source : in transit criminals got in a little while heist-with-cash-taken vehicles and-guns 0b1cae1f-d39e-4f44-a5fd-e686cd730993 

Source : in transit robbers got after a short time heist-with-cash-taken vehicles and-guns 0b1cae1f-d39e-4f44-a5fd-e686cd730993

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