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Have You Laid Everything You Have On The Altar Of Sacrifice?

In the meantime, He raised His eyes and noticed "the rich putting their gifts in the treasury, and He noticed, as well, a certain poor widow putting in two mites." (Luke 21:1-2)

Jesus is still keeping an eye on all of our activities, both in secret and in plain sight. As a result, you are unable to conceal it from Him. He sees everything we do, good and bad, and even the state of our hearts when we are doing them, whether we are doing them with a perfect heart or with a hypocritical or evil heart. It is selfish ministers who persuade or compel us to borrow and give, not God, who forces us to give what we don't have.

Although the poor widow outdid the wealthy because of her sacrificial giving, the wealthy gave without making any sacrifice, despite the fact that their sum was greater. There is no one who does not have something to offer to Christ. You may choose to serve Him with your skills, your time, or even your life. May we learn from David to offer sacrifices that aren't free, but rather sacrifices that cost us something. Even the prophecies about Jesus' second coming have come true, as has been the case throughout history. When it comes to anticipating His second coming, how serious and prepared are we?

The Temple was something the Jews used to brag about and demonstrate their devotion to God, to the point where speaking out against the Temple will result in your being stoned to death. However, Jesus warned them that the very Temple they were worshiping would be destroyed by their enemies in due course. What a pleasant surprise!

I'm not sure if there's something else you're concentrating on in place of Jesus Christ, but I'm curious. While every other endeavor will ultimately fail, Jesus will never. It is surprising that Jesus was too outspoken in telling His disciples that they would face difficult times before entering the kingdom of heaven. He even told us that our persecution will be so severe that some of us will be beaten, scourged, imprisoned, and even killed before we are allowed to enter the kingdom of Christ. Wow.

Today, some ministers who are desperate for crowe will tell you how much money you will make if you come to their church, in order to entice you to attend. He has all the power to prevent us from suffering, so why would He allow us to suffer and die when He possesses all the power to save us? Everyone of us, brothers and sisters, has a cross to bear in the service of Christ.

If you refuse to take up your own cross, you will be doomed for the rest of your life. He can see you when you are being persecuted and killed without a just cause, and he will remain silent about it. That is why He told us that we could only possess our souls if we were patient with them. When you are being persecuted, it is your responsibility to know what to do. Believe that He will always be there to save you; this is not the case.

What He can do atimes is to show you where you are going as He showed Stephen when he was being stoned to death.

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