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"I Went to visit my boyfriend and I found his room like this" was she wrong to go back home

A lady from Tembisa posted on Facebook complaining about her new boyfriend she got recently. She said she met her boyfriend from Facebook and they have been talking for days. But they had to meet each other at the end so that they make love official. The lady said she was not expecting any big house but a normal 2 room house at least. He said he is not renting but he didn't say he made his shack where he stays. Well, the lady didn't have any high hopes but what she found inside the one small room was something else.

When she got there she was looking so beautiful. So he told the guy that she was at his location at that time the guy was still sleeping. This showed that only the lady was looking forward to meeting him. Well, the guy went to fetch her, on the way she was surprised seeing herself taken towards the shacks. Well, she just calms down because some of them look beautiful inside if a person is nice and if it's a 2 room is still fine. When they reach the house it was just one room. First, the guy's look was not impressive at all wearing dirty clothes.

Well, when they got inside it was another disaster. The guy didn't even try to clean the room or put his clothes properly. The house was smelling from the door. The lady didn't stay for more than 5 minutes and she told him that she can not do this. She took a taxi and went back home even today she doesn't believe that there are people who stay like that. She doesn't know if she was rude for running and ending things like that.

Well, some people on Facebook told her she was not wrong to do that. She had to follow her heart because if a person loves you they will do their best to impress you. Dating with someone you haven't met in person is truly hard. Because people look different from the picture they post on social media.

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