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The Manager Said I Must Do This If I Really Want The Job (read chats)

Losing an employment early last year all because of the reality the my then organization needed to save a specific number em worker's was not something simple for me but rather then however awful as it might have been I continued disclosing to myself that it will all pass I mean,I had no other decision except for to get reality that I have been conserved and continue on with life, So after the conservation I went straight in the pool of occupation searchers again which was full this time round since individuals lost positions in numbers and the joblessness cost has consistently been high as can be in Means. 

So I mentioned loved ones who have been attempting to tell me need to there be an empty at the organizations they are working for, and to my shock,One of my companions palesa let me think about the opening they had at the distribution center they work for. 

I looked at the prerequisites of each the posts, and it worked out that I did now not meet all requirements for one of them, which implies that I had one final alternative and I applied. However, in understanding to my companion she revealed to me that after apply I should message her chief and educate him regarding my application which I did and after that this is the thing that went down among us,Read the visits beneath. 

As you can see from the talks over, The man looks persuaded that with the goal for me to land the position I should get in sleeping pad with him as well and judging through the manner in which he is losing tips he is doing maybe I consented to such while I didn't have all.Could this propose that Palesa is the person who chosen to advance me for a task like this, Or the administrator is simply taking advantage of me since he realizes that not set in stone for a task since they are scant this current day's? 

What's your interpretation of this, have you at any point experienced such previously? Leave some criticism beneath.

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