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RIP| her daughter was extremely healthy and happy but only for her to find her dead

The lady left many Twitter users heartbroken. This comes after this lady shared how she lost her daughter who indeed looks pretty young. According to this lady, her daughter was bubbly and healthy, she did even saw anything wrong with her child, but she was so shattered to find her daughter dead the next morning.

According to this lady, her daughter died in her sleep, I lost my daughter yesterday out of the blue. She was extremely healthy snd happy and died peacefully in her sleep! I'm torn snd heartbroken and devastated! Pray for us" sadly said this lady.The post of this lady went viral and it was seen by a couple of doctors and health experts, they predicted that her daughter's death might have the caused by SIDS "It's said, SID might be associated with defects in the portion of an infant's brain that control breathing and arousal from sleep" said a health expert. Another health expert also said the death of this young princess was caused by SIDS "SID is still unknown in the medical field and I really wish they feature it out no one should have to put their milling healthy baby to bed and wake up to them not breathing" said a health expert.

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