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Warning Capitec users read this before is too late

Capitec bank has stood out as truly newsworthy for some unacceptable reasons once more. From being survivors of a malware assault to individuals' well deserved cash vanishing suddenly. 

Prior on toward the beginning of today an extremely awful and upsetting film has advanced across all web-based media stages, by which an older lady is seen obliterating hardware, after an exceptionally tremendous amount of cash vanished out of her record. As indicated by Capitec sources, the lady asserted that there was huge load of cash in her record which has now purportedly vanished despite the fact that the frameworks at capitec bank have vanished suddenly. 


"In the relatively recent past it was Chris who created a ruckus at the Capitec Bank, and presently this woman is acting insane requesting her cash. Capitec should quit taking others' well deserved cash" said a Tweep in a post. 


What left numerous South Africans persuaded that something wasn't quite right about the bank is that, such embarrassments are uncommon in different banks. An outrage like this possibly happens once in 10 years with regards to banks like FNB or ABSA bank. There are speculations that there is extortion partner that is running inside Capitec and that individuals should move their cash before they come casualties as the bubbly season is drawing nearer. 

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