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How to use rough salt around your house without consulting a Sangoma, secret exposed (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

We tend to accept rough salt from churches without knowing real reason why pastors are giving out the sachets. If I could ask you now you won't tell why you are accepting to use that salt. Besides being told it is to getting rid of bad lucks.

Today you will learn a little about why you need to have rough salt around the house. Salt has been used to cure and remove curses out of people's lives. There are many ways you can use salt without even visiting a sangoma. One needs to understand that there is no magic behind this. All you need is to understand why you sprinkling that salt around the yard.

Since salt can be dangerous people should never out salt under the bed before sleep. You will see the unseen if you practice this, safest way to do this is to try to use water mixed with the salt. This will enable the salt to be present on your floor if you are cleansing the inside of the house.

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