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Opinion| Connie Ferguson and Sindi Dlathu have proved in all angles to be the Queen's of acting

When we talk about actors who are already in the limelight in the entertainment industry we are talking about actors like Connie Ferguson and Sindi Dlathu.

Their contribution and talent in the filming and entertainment industry is evident, from the 90's to the present day in every drama they are featured in they always make sure that they gather all kinds of audiences or viewers.

It shows that they did not enter the field of acting because they wanted to make money or fame but It is because acting is something that runs in their bloodstream, I would say that it is healing for them to see themselves acting and doing something they love.

For them to acting has become more like a game or something they do every day, because they no longer need to put too much effort when shooting.

We've seen them in many of the most popular dramas from the 90's, Connie, made a name for herself when she starred in the popular Generations drama series, even when she returned for the second time to new Generations The Legacy she made sure she put out all her acting skills.

We will also remember that things did not go well in The Queen after Connie lost her husband because she was forced her to take a break.

Viewers were outraged by her absence and others were determined to stop watching the drama, but earlier this month when she appeared on our screens the world was shaken by her fans celebrating her return proving that she's indeed a Queen in acting.

As for Sindi Dlathu in all her acting roles she has once toot part on she made sure she put more effort and top her level of excellence.

From the early ages Sindi Dlathu had been on our screens she hasn't changed what has changed about her is that she is a well experienced veteran and highly respected actor.

When she acted in Muvhango she was always a favorite of everyone and she still is because she is known for not taking any nonsense in every telenovela or soapies she's featured in and that is what people like about her.

One of the things that most impresses me about them is that they are polite and courteous, and since they came to the entertainment industry they have made sure that they do nothing to tarnish their image.

They are both beautiful and have the ability to keep themselves looking good at all times,making them to look so younger than their age and I can say without hesitation that they are ageing gracefully.

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