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Gugu Gumede of Uzalo is expecting her first baby

20 January 2022

By Sphe J Hadebe

Congratulations are in order for the Uzalo's actress who is expecting her first baby.

She took to social media to share such wonderful news as she posted a picture of herself showing a baby bump. 

That post also brought a relief to her fans who had been worried that she was leaving the SABC popular soap, Uzalo. 

Gugu Gumede had mentioned on the show that she wanted to get some rest and take care of some matters back at home. 

Following this announcement, her fans were left heartbroken as they thought that this is her way of leaving the show. Well, now that they know the real reason why she is taking some time off and they're guaranteed that she will make a return to Uzalo, they are then relieved that indeed she is coming back. They are now understanding her reason for taking the time off. 

Gugu Gumede who plays the role of MaMlambo on Uzalo, finally showed off her baby bump to the public for the first time. 

On her announcement, Gumede said that her baby gave her the strength to continue living her life after the death of her mother, the late NFP President, Zanele kaMagwaza Msibi. She revealed that she was pregnant during her late mother's funeral. This is what she wrote as he caption: I have often asked where I got the strength to continue after my mother's passing- I got it from my unborn child. At her funeral,as I stood at the podium and spoke on my queen's behalf, I was not alone. The strongest heart was beating inside me, riviving me. I am alive today because of it. 

She then added by saying that her baby is the answers of her grandmother whom was excited to meet. Although she did not get to meet her in the physical realm, she knows that she is currently holding her in the spiritual. 

You can tell in this post how excited she is of her unborn baby. 

Fans and colleagues took to the comments section and congratulated her.


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