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Heartbreaking: Makhadzi's Perfomance In Malawi Didn't End Well After This Happened.

SOUTH AFRICA - Makhadzi apologizes to her fans after the picture which was shot during a performance in Malawi trended on social media having negative comments and swearings. Some of her fans says she did not have to apologize, because there is nothing wrong in the picture and people should stop bullying her.

"In her statement she said, they were lot of beautiful pictures that a cameraman shot and had, but he chose to post this one to promote his brand but forgetting the damage he is doing to my soul. I know iam strong and all this will pass, unfortunately I cannot change my inner part...iam like this and iam proud."

This thing should stop and the person who did that should pay for it, because it is very unfair for a person to just try and promote his brand using someone image. What's your take in this matter?

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