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OPINION| The Most Liberating Public Statement by Julius Malema That I Have Ever Heard

A very important quotation from the EFF's Commander in Chief, Julius Malema. He said this yesterday, the 9th October 2021, as He was on the LGE campaign in the North West Province. He said this: "vote us into office on be basis of our undertaking to you. If we fail you, support another party that will best serve you". This is the most liberating public statement by a politician I have ever heard in a very long timeThe problem South Africa has is to elevate our membership of political organizations to something akin to a marriage. People swear to that relationship "till death do them part" irrespective of the trauma they may endure during the duration of that marriage! Another example is that of the chronic relationship of congregations of those celebrity, family run and controlled churches and their pastors. Always remember, you are not under any obligation to sustain a relationship which, in the first place, abuses youIf you would recall, when Pastor Bushiri was charged for fraud and corruption, his congregation protested and proclaimed him "innocent" despite the fact that they had no sight of his indictment. If a person observing this wasn't a South African citizen, they would be forgiven to think we are still under the persecution of the apartheid system, where it's opponent was being victimized!

Since the advent of the 1994 dispensation ,we haven't quite dealt with the effects and question of our historical psychological damage. This is evident in our protests against non delivery of essential services by our public representatives we put into office continuously no matter how many times we actually complain about their incompencies and corruption. Until we master the courage to extract from our psyche this virus and it's associated variants, we will not be truly liberated. The only distinction is that this time around, we are more of our own oppressors than those who continuously toment us with our concent, sadly! We aid and abet our own miseryThe notion that there is no alternative to you "favorite" political party is simply self defeating and deceiving. The alternative is first and foremost yourself! If you can remove from your mind this inferior complex; if you can expel the fear that makes you believe that responsibility to serve your community is the reserve and preserve of some selected few; if you can develop the idea that you are as good if not better that your elected public representative, you are well on your way to your complete liberation. 

If you can free yourself from these negativities that have held you back for so long, you are able to hold your public representatives to account on the basis of your knowledge, understanding and confidence. At this point, the public representatives will also know who their employers truly are. They will begin ro respect and honor their relationship with you, the community! This is a point where solving our service delivery problem will not necessarily drive us to the streets. You are most probably on your mission to eliminate corruption, for they know that you are not only involved in your own service delivery processes, but you are knowledgeable too!

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