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Why is it hard to maintain "celebrity lifestyle" for most South African Celebrities?

You noticed how easy South African music artists make it in the music industry? here are some of the reason some of them fell off easily:

firstly let us agree to say "easy earned-easy lost". The truth is that most of these artists did not get time to manifest their gifts, they make it simple and most get lost along the way, music is evolving and there is always room for improvement and to be better with time you have to be experienced enough because talent is a gift that also need your effort and flexibility.

AmaPiano is the genre with most artists that fall off easily, the genre evolves quickly that it is now even fused with hip-hop, most rappers are switching to the genre too, rappers namely Cassper Nyovest, Sizwe Alkaline(Reason), Zuma and Reece Madlisa, Madumane(Dj maphorisa), KO and more seem to be consistent and more relevant than those that make it quicker, Many artists we see today make it in music and in less than a year or so you do not hear anything about that artist anymore, that is what we call a "wave"

If you are an artist or rather an upcoming, here are steps to take to maintain your lifestyle without fans forgetting that you exist:

1 : Celebrities tend to create a firm fanbase by putting their fans first (socialism)

2 : Focus on your dream, being a celebrity is hard because you have to live different from others, this is an opinion but the way you dress, the places you show up at, the way you behave around fans affects your fanbase either positively or negatively, this does not mean you have to wear expensive clothes, you have to represent the type of genre you do and the context of your music

3 : Link up with musicians that are good for you, the artists you worked with should not speak bad about you, the ones you keep around make sure they ride for you

4 : Give your fans a role, start conversations online and let them keep up with you and each other, always appreciate them

5 : This one is important, as an artist you should be different and the version of you that can do this is what you already are, you do not need to fake your character if being real means laying low and letting others be on top of you, you should let it happen your time will come and while you are waiting for your turn watch the game and study it, as US Rapper J-Cole says "Me i study the game the fans study their hearts",as long as you can evolve you have a chance of getting and staying in the game forever.

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