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" I don't blame him" check out why this picture caused a stir on social media

The combination of the marks you've put on your face, which is more commonly referred to as your makeup, is what ultimately determines who you are as an individual. It is feasible to say that your body contains the genetic makeup of both of your parents because you inherit your genes from both of them. You might also decide to put on some cosmetics in order to accentuate those physical traits. This is yet another alternative.

When you put makeup on your face, you have the potential to hide some of your true identity to some degree. Your one-of-a-kind identity is the consequence of the accumulation of all of the traits that comprise your personality. These traits are what give you your distinctive personality. Examples of products that fall under this area of cosmetics, which is more commonly referred to as makeup, include foundation, mascara, and lipstick, amongst other things. This particular definition of makeup has been in use ever since Queen Victoria, in the 1880s, remarked that makeup was revolting and that it should only be used by performers in the theater. She stated that actors in the theater were the only people who should use cosmetics.

However, there are some people who are not at all adept at doing their makeup, and despite the fact that they try, they are just not good at it. These people have no choice but to accept the reality that they are not excellent at doing their makeup. An illustration of this may be seen in the picture below, which depicts a woman whose attempt at applying makeup resulted in a total and utter disaster; the male who was with her couldn't help but laugh at the sight.


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