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4 Things A Man Should Not Know About You


Communication is essential in every relationship, and it should serve as the foundation of yours. Although communication is essential, there are some things a man should not be aware of about you, no matter how much you admire and cherish him.

Some secrets are not meant to be revealed to the public; for example, you are not expected to tell a man about some of your secrets in order to prevent it from returning to hunt you.

The following are four things about you that a man should not be aware of.

1. Your total number of body parts

His knowledge of how many men you've been with before meeting him is none of his business, and the past should remain in the past. If you discuss your body count with a man at any point in your relationship, he will only use it to mock you, and if your body count is more than one, he may begin to suspect you of being promiscuous.

No matter how much a man loves you, if he finds out that you've been with a lot of other men before meeting him, he will begin to have doubts about you and may not be able to completely trust you again. As a result, please keep this information a secret.

2. Your best male friend

If your male best friend is not the man with whom you are currently in a relationship, you must make sure that you keep this information hidden from others. If your man discovers that you have a male best friend who is not him, he will become jealous and may take steps to ensure that he ends your relationship with your male best friend.

In order to avoid losing your man as well as your best friend, you should keep the information to yourself.

3. Other individuals who you are attracted to

This is yet another thing that a man should not be aware of about you; even if he claims that he is not jealous, you should not allow him to be aware of the other people you are attracted to as well. The reason for this is that when a man learns that you have other people you are attracted to besides him, he will begin to feel insecure towards you, which may lead him to begin stalking you.

4. Your romantic stumbling block.

If a man learns about your romantic weakness, he will become so preoccupied with that weakness that he will be unable to make any genuine effort to build a genuine relationship with you.

So, if you are aware of a weakness in yourself, perhaps something that, if a man exhibits, will cause you to want to get down with him, make certain that he does not become aware of it.

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