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While doing a backflip, a Ghanaian student dies on stage.

Several events are taking on these days that make one wonder where we will end up on this planet. Almost every day you look through the social media platforms, the first news you will see or hear is always a dreadful one. It is either someone who dies suddenly kidnapping, terrible accident, and many more.

Just recently, a video leaked online showing a Ghanaian student attempting a backflip during a dancing stage performance and all of a sudden fall to his death, and this have caused a commotion on social media. This video has saddened the heart of many because the deceased was just a young student.'s Instagram video captures the precise moment the young man tried the risky backflip. He had the misfortune of falling while in the air and falling to his death. This is not the first time such an incident is happening in Ghana, and I think the first one should have taught many a deep lesson.

Check out some images of the incident below:


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