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She Asked Her Boyfriend For R14k To Buy Phone, When He Said No This Is What She Said To Him

Although a close and long-term relationship means that there should be no secrets between love birds in a relationship, if there is 1 thinker especially in a relationship that I as a Person think should be a secret no matter what especially if the relationship did not make marriage a thing as rich as it usually is in the bank.

 I mean look at it this way. Their families wanted them to attend because they too took part in being potential members. So these things are in many ways. It seems like a big problem in a relationship, because a lot of friends also have this, hoping to get whatever they want from their partner in a relationship, if the partner doesn't, things will change.

 For example, take a quick look at the visual effects you can read below.

 That's wrong, isn't it? Let me tell you that from my humble point of view as a pen, I think the petitioner asked and I mean if the bank pin is a secret then the same thing should apply to the extent that you have decided to lose it all to a friend.

 Looking at the whole situation of these two lovebirds, do you see the girl as a gold digger or do you see her as someone who does what everyone who is guided and believes that money is not difficult should do? What do you take for granted?

 Please share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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