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"Would you date a Sangoma" people's answers will leave you in tears.

As Africans, we believe in ancestors and having what we call an ancestral calling, it has been that way for hundreds of years, and it seems like it is going to continue for more generations to come. One thing we need to know about an ancestral calling is the fact that anyone can have one, it is a very random thing that can happen to any family member in a huge family, it's not something that's planned it just happens.

Well, a young man on Twitter brought up what I believe is the smartest question that anyone could get people to engage in. He asked people if they would date a person with an ancestral calling and a lot of people gave their views and I have to say that some of the answers were hilarious to read.

To be honest, it isn't easy to date or be in a romantic relationship with someone who has an ancestral calling. People started sharing their opinions and some shared their experiences from dating a person with an ancestral calling, and these stories are hilarious. One Twitter user replied with his story, and he said he is currently dating one and his sleep is always disturbed. Another one shared that he once shared a taxi with a lady who has an ancestral calling, he shared how they were all afraid in the taxi after the lady mentioned that the was something bad that is going to happen.

Well, people with an ancestral calling are always confused, and that's mostly because of the things we have associated ancestral callings with, that just makes it a little hard for them to date. Hopefully, all these stereotypes about people with an ancestral calling will start to fade, because despite the ancestral calling they pretty much live a normal life.

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