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Remember 9-Year-Old Boy Who Was Chained On His Neck to Die By His Father? See His Recent Pictures

A wonderful experience, but not all parents enjoy their children in the same way. There are many sleepless nights when raising a child, and these children must be treated well because raising one is not easy. It's fair to say that some children are so stubborn that they can force you to do something against your better interests. To the contrary, it is against human rights and may be deemed a form of child abuse or molestation to be excessively harsh in disciplining children.

Outside the chapel, there is a picture of a little kid.

Because the pastor had warned him that his son was to blame for all of his bad luck, the man chained him up like an animal. The identity of his biological father is a subject of debate, but I'm confident that he is who he claims to be. Even worse, he handcuffed the youngster to the post in Ogun State, Nigeria.

According to the boy's father, "My pastor advised me to keep this innocent youngster tied around my neck for years without providing him with food or water." The pastor and the boy's father chained him to a church bench and did nothing but abuse and neglect him.

Security guards rescued the youngster:

Neighbors who heard a child's cries of agony alerted police to the church's strange noises, which led to the arrest of the youngster. A 40-year-old man was also taken into custody for questioning at the police station along with the boy's father.

At the time, her husband was being treated in the hospital.

A medical facility that could provide better care was found for him at long last. As soon as the governor's wife learned of the situation, she made the decision to adopt the child. Additionally, she promised to help him get back on his feet financially until he graduated from college.

Here's a recent picture of him:

An online photo of him taken shortly after his adoption by the governor's wife showed he was in excellent physical condition. We should all be grateful to the governor's wife, who intervened to save an innocent child from a terrible father and a dishonest preacher.

Do you agree with the pastor's treatment of his father? It is possible to have a significant impact on the outcome.

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