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Mzansi advice Thando to leave the marriage, here is what Siyacela said that sh0ck many people

This evening on # isencanelengane 

Dlamuka and Thando are stressed over Siyacela, who hasn't been home in weeks. 

"Truly, this must be my most un-most loved show on the channel. Until further notice, it doesn't do it for me. Possibly on the off chance that I continue to watch I will like it. Be that as it may, other than Moja Love Channel, you're the entire mind-set. Thando fled from Sthupheti. He is only a toxin in your life. You are more developed than he is. A decent man is hanging tight for you out there. Let one of the makers give a tip to get herself out. She is an engaged young lady who simply needs a schooling. 

This young lady needs to escape that marriage. You can't be with somebody who doesn't regard you. Imagine a scenario in which Ugogo took him for 

Hm, helpless kid, it's difficult to grow up without a mother, particularly in a polygamous marriage. Huuu, I trust you're protected any place you are. What is your name, Mara? about Thando? You might have left her, yet you didn't. She's there as a result of you. Siyacela doesn't merit my sister....she isn't a spouse material without a doubt. However, not Siycela's significant other... I wish she could see that before they have kids. since it becomes trickier once there are kids included. I wish they never chose to get hitched... Be that as it may, they are just in a relationship.She should gather her sacks and go. Those are the features. She should go to her father and proceed with her examinations. There is no future for her. Siyacela is a ruined imp. " A Facebook adherent said.


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