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Gomora: "now we are even" says Gladys after Nthathi discovers she killed Langa

Gomora: "now we are even" says Gladys after Nthathi discovers she killed Langa

While you're here, please follow me!

Gladys and Thati finally had a heart to heart and all cards were laid on the table! This followed much bickering from the two which eventually led to the miscarriage of Gladys's baby! When Gladys finally told the truth and asked for forgiveness, her relief stemmed from knowing that it was a son for a son (or daughter), making them even!

I think that this is good for Gladys because she really wasn't coping with knowing that she unintentionally killed Langa. Even though the exposure of the truth won't bring him back, she will sleep at night knowing that Thathi knows what happened to her son and hopefully understand her reasons in time. She should just allow her the time to mourn and not expect quick forgiveness, even though Thathi herself did cause her to lose her own pregnancy!

Gladys fans were also relieved that the truth has seen day light because they were starting to feel like accomplices in killing Langa lol! Now the question that remains is whether Melusi will just leave Gladys and go and be with his true love or stick around to rebuild their marriage! Either way, Gladys looks like she is tired of her marriage with Melusi and being second best so it's highly likely that she does the leaving!

Not Gladys saying her and Thati are even😂😭 bathong! #GomoraMzansi #GomoraMzanzi

#Gomora #GomoraMzansi #GomoraMzanzi Since Gladys is confessing her sins ,Thati must also confess about Mohato's death

On behalf of team Gladys, we are thrilled that Gladys told Thati the truth about Langa's death. Our girl is now free 🥺#GomoraMzansi #GomoraMzanzi

Gladys gave Melusi the I'm fed up look. Is my queen falling out of love with Melusi #GomoraMzansi

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