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Ramaphosa not proud of his skin color & tone? Listen to what he says in a conference.

The South African president was giving a speech in a conference, where he expressed sensitive issues that might have affected others in a negative way. He mentioned the fact that he is too dark and people inside the building might struggle to see him. Others might have taken this as a joke, however, a lot are concerned and fractured by what the president has said. Skin color is a very sensitive issue these days, as people use it for racial insults. The statement said by Ramaphosa has been trending, with South Africans throwing in a lot of comments. Joking about a skin color should not be something to be proud of, as other people are the victims of racial abuse, due to their skin color. The president will have more questions to answer, after what he said.


During a meeting of the extraordinary summit of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) organ troika and Mozambique in Pretoria on Tuesday, President Cyril Ramaphosa made light of his dark skin tone, saying he "was too dark for anyone to see him." "I've been told I should stay where I am because I'm too dark and people can't see me properly when I stand over there," Ramaphosa joked to the audience.See the source image

When Ramaphosa made the lighter remarks, he was going to deliver his closing remarks as the chair of the Sadc organ on politics, defense, and security co-operation. He had given his introductory remarks earlier while standing behind a dimly illuminated podium a few steps away from his seat.See the source image

"So you see, my darkness has contributed to my having to sit here," Ramaphosa said later, sitting in a white leather chair with a blue and white Sadc backdrop. He continued his final remarks at the meeting, which agreed to keep standby soldiers in Mozambique to tackle terrorism and violent extremists in the country's Cabo Delgado province.See the source image


‘I am just too dark’ — Cyril Ramaphosa makes fun of his skin tone during Sadc meeting (

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