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Important As President Ramaphosa Says The Following Concerning The Future Of South Africa

Coal-fired power plants appear to be towards the top of South Africa's list of high-emission fossil fuels that the government intends to phase out in order to save the globe from the climate problem. President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered a virtual address at the COP26 energy session on Thursday in Glasgow, Scotland. In it, he emphasized South Africa's ambitions to progressively phase out coal, one of the world's most polluting industries.

At COP26, Thursday was dubbed "energy day," and a number of countries, including G7 members, promised to decarbonize their coal-fired power plants by 2030. Other industrialized nations, including South Korea and China, agreed to halt international coal financing this year. Meanwhile, Ramaphosa made it clear that the country's ambitious ambition to decarbonize its energy industry and achieve the equitable transition to a low-carbon economy will be heavily reliant on financial assistance from richer nations. "For many developing economies this requires massive investment in alternative energy sources and other infrastructure," the president said.

He emphasized why the country's equitable transition required a shift away from coal: "There is no longer any dispute that climate change poses a major and urgent threat to mankind." This is because failure to act now will have disastrous ramifications for our economy and communities. The president went on to emphasize the need of weaning ourselves off of our reliance on coal. According to Ramaphosa, a just transition "needs considerable support for employees and communities along the coal value chain who stand to lose their employment and lives." The fair transition emphasizes transitioning to a low-carbon economy without leaving anybody behind, including employees and communities in impacted industries such as coal.

I think it would be easier if South Africa could use both coal and carbon free energy as this would increase their chances of harnessing the natural energy into usable electrical energy. Implementing photovoltaic solar panels campaign would help them in a big way since South Africa has more than enough sunlight that could harvested the solar panels. What do you think about the energy standing of the country at the moment? Let us know on the comment section, please like, share and comment.

[Source: citypress]

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