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Now that WhatsApp and Facebook is down people have decided to do the following

People across the world found themselves restarting their phones after thinking that their phones have problems, some people even though they run out of data because the only way you can be online is using data, and if that doesn't happen you assume that you probably ran out of data. But in this case, that's not whats happened.

But It has come to people's attention that no it's not their phones, not their networks, but their most loved apps, apps that connect them to their loved ones have been down for almost 3 hours now. And this has brought so much anger to people as it was unexpected, as we know that you can talk to your loved ones without using airtime but the only thing you can do is buy data, and for a lot of people they are saving airtime as we know that it gives you an option to buy data that will keep you going for the rest of the month most.

But with what's happening now it means people will have to buy airtime, and it's already during the month, people don't have money to buy airtime, this has caused people so much inconvenience as they have to compromise a lot to communicate with their loved one, as no one knows when will this matter be resolved.

But as this jas made people angry now they think it's about time they bring back Mxit. Mxit was a free instant messaging application developed by Mxit (Pty) Ltd. In South Africa that ran on over 8,000 devices, including feature phones, android, blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows phones, and tablets. But it was shut down in 2015, I guess it was replaced by WhatsApp and Facebook as people thought it was advanced and more convenient.

Now with everything that's happening some people think they should bring back Mxit, as they have never come across such in those days of Mxit.

This shows how much WhatsApp has disappointed people by what happened today with all these apps deciding to do what they did without any warning. Though people are thinking of shutting down WhatsApp and Facebook and go back to Mxit, it's unfortunate that Mxit doesn't exist anymore on the plplay store, so this means they will have to wait until WhatsApp and Facebook its back online

Hopefully, this matter will be resolved sooner than they think, people's world has shut down.

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