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3 Things You Should Never Do To Please Your Wife

There are several reasons why most marriages don't last longer than they used to. Many of our fathers and mothers carried all the burdens of marriage, so many of them remained together as husband and wife until death eventually got them separated.

However, there are many things we are still doing in this generation that affect our unity. The three things I'm going to write about in this article are highly recommended for men because they are things men shouldn't do to please women.

1. It is generally accepted that a man should provide for his family, which means that as a man you should always look after your household, but that does not mean that you have to do everything to please your partner. Right now, you need to give your wife something that gives her money so that she is financially dependent on herself.

There are times when you run out of money to help you and the whole household. Don't let your wife sit still because when she is at work it will be easy for both of you to carry the burden of the house. If your wife tells you that she's not interested in anything, it ultimately affects both of you.

2. Some women like to be in control of everything. In this case, they will accuse their husbands of not helping them at home. While it is perfectly fine if the husband can help the wife with some household chores, it should not be made an habit. Your wife should persuade you to help rather than lead you. When your wife is used to talking you around or you've made a conscious decision to dance to her rhythm just because you always want to please her. You will find it difficult to refuse her orders later and this can lead to misunderstandings between you.

3. This third point is one of the main reasons most couples argue when their male parents are around.

Some women don't know that their husband's parents are gods, some even m behave or greet them rudely.

As a man, you should always raise your wife to respect your parents, but some men just want to please his wife by pretending not to see what is going on between a woman and his parents. Your wife and parents are separate people and you shouldn't let anything happen to them.

If you are a man who always likes his wife and ignores everything she does against your parents, you will bear the burden of doing the most annoying things to your parents. This way, always take time to correct your wife when she is out of your parent's control and let your parents know that your wife is their daughter too so you can always let peace reign in your home.

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