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Kelly Khumalo on women 'stealing' men: ‘I am going to beat the living daylights out of you’

The South African singer and media personality Kelly Khumalo is worn out of women claiming she 'stole their men' and sent a serious warning to those individuals via a video on Instagram in her infamous Russian accent.

Kelly explained that she hates it when women find out that their partner has been cheating on them, then they claim that their partner's been stolen. Adding to that she then launched into a full scale attack.

She then says there is a matter that has been irritating her, which is the matter of women starting arguments and fights with other women, blaming other women for stealing their partners.

“You know I have this thing, it’s been irritating me. This thing of [a] woman saying ‘hey you are stealing my boyfriend, you are stealing my man, you are stealing my husband. Sies,” says Kelly.

She says it is impossible to steal another human being from someone else.


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