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Noodles Killing More Children?|See What the Health Department Intends to do


Following the deaths of children allegedly eating "hazardous noodles," the public health department announced on Friday that it will launch an investigation into the possibility of food poisoning in three districts.

Encourage Mohale, a division spokesman, said the division met with natural doctors from the three impacted regions and cities - Mpumalanga, the Eastern Cape, and Gauteng - on Thursday to collect the findings. Youngster passings are being examined for the first time.

This, according to Mohale, will allow the division to have more data, such as the name of the food brand, provider, or producer, as well as the stores where the food was purchased.

"A group of natural health experts gathered any leftover items linked to the rumored food items and delivered them to a research center for analysis. Before making any concrete statements, the division will expect the results of research center tests and scientific examinations "Mohale explained.

"This critical information will enable health officials to establish a possible link between the noodles confirmed to have been burned in the regions and the deaths, to promptly notify the providers or manufacturers, and to make a decision on the potential review of all suspected food items from the shelves for large-scale research center testing as part of the more extensive examination cycle to avoid the risk of more deaths."

Police in the Eastern Cape are investigating the tragic deaths of three young children from Gqeberha who allegedly died after eating noodles.

Before examining impacted items, Mohale suggested that the nature, causes, degree, and severity of the hazard be established first.

"The investigation will also determine whether surrounding health clinics in urban areas handled different patients for possible food contamination and related symptoms, as well as whether funeral homes obtained human remains of those who died from possible food contamination."

"The division will keep impacted families and the general public up to date on any examination developments."

The office urged residents to report any suspicious food to local experts.

"The Division extends its heartfelt condolences to the guardians and families who are grieving the untimely death of their beloved children.

"The loss of a child is a heartbreaking event in anyone's life, and our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time."

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