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Foreign National Truck Drivers & Their Employers Arrested In N12 Roadblock Led By Nxesi

Illegal truck drivers and their employers were arrested in N12 roadblock led by Nxesi, many times before people have expressed how much they dislike the fact that we find foreign national truck drivers on the roads when so many South African truck drivers are finding themselves without work and sitting at home.

It is something that has become a major concern and the authorities have also noted it and probably promise to try to get a solution to this case, but we know how these individuals work and things hardly get resolved when they are taking matters into their own hands.

Now this is something that is a bit concerning because it is happening as such a large-scale and that is why it has to be brought down, unfortunately we have porous borders and police officers who are easily corruptible so the situation never gets better.

The illegal truck drivers can simply come up with some small money to pass on to the police officer who will turn a blind eye to the problems that he is looking at, and that has obviously causeed a problem where the members of the public find themselves in a situation where they cannot find work.

Since foreign nationals are being favoured over South African citizens and part of it was the fact that most of these foreign national truck drivers would have mechanical skills, and as a result would form as a good mechanic in case when the vehicle experiences mechanical difficulties.

Owners dread having to spend some money getting help but if the driver can multitask and do a lot of activities while also driving the cargo they definitely become very favourable for employment.

However the authentic were conducting operations where they did what they had to do with the roadblocks, and arrested as many truck drivers as they can.

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