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Here Is a Prophecy to the Government, Many Lives will be Lost if the government don’t do this

The world-famous prophet has returned, this time with a terrifying forecast. Rhadebelihle, a well-known prophet, has returned with something that has people on the verge of running for their lives. A well-known feature of this prophecy is that it provides warnings before the real threat arises. He became well-known after prophesying the death of Shona Ferguson, which turned out to be a true occurrence. Unfortunately, no one took him seriously before the incident occurred. We were all under the impression that he was simply asking for attention. Then he went on to predict that a dark cloud was looming over the South African entertainment sector, and that it would soon claim lives. Mpura and Killer Kau, two piano music artists, died in a tragic accident just a few days after Mpura's prophecy was fulfilled. 

Following all of this, he accumulated a large number of followers on social media, and many began to take his predictions seriously. But some people are skeptical of his uniqueness, questioning why he only predicts celebrities rather than everyday people. 

The prophet, on the other hand, delivered a terrible prophecy to the administration. As he describes in his post, he is looking at a territory that will take the lives of a great number of people since the government assigned people to the area without conducting adequate research first. He asserts that the government still has a chance to avert the impending disaster by transferring them from the hidden area in which they live. 

"In South Africa, there is a ground/land that is currently and slowly sinking deeper, deeper, and deeper into the earth's interior. I watched it split in half, swallowing those who were trapped inside. It will be the government's responsibility to take care of it. There is a technique to avoid this from happening in the future. It must be discovered by the government "He sent out a tweet. 

Because he didn't say whose land he was referring to, this prophecy outraged and terrified a large number of people who believed it. The government has dispersed its citizens around the country, so at the very least, the prophet should have provided some indication of which part of the country he is referring to. Take a look at how people responded to his post: 

Which way do you lean on this issue? Do you trust this prophecy or do you believe he's just trying to get your attention? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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