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My Father Is Sleeping With My Girlfriend (please help)

After being in a relationship with my varsity girlfriend for a period of over a good long 5 years of Romance, There came a time when I began feeling the fact that it was now the right time to go with my girlfriend at home and introduce her to my family for we have been together for a good lengthy time,So the feeling of doing this did not stay a feeling for a long time for I ended up doing it.

So now with her being the first girl I have ever brought home my family parents and everyone seemed to like her and have no problem with her including my father.(that was once very ordinary due to the fact my dad is now not the form of man who likes associating and all that) but then seeing all that happen I just looked and thought maybe she is just fortunate and I got over it.

So as time went on the two (my father and girlfriend) sort of grew a bond which honestly bothered me and always left me puzzled because growing up my sisters never had that kind of bond with him,I tried asking my girl what is it that she did to make it in his good books but got no straight answer,Yet they continued with thier associations whenevervshe came to visit me.

So with things being that way I started wondering what is it that brings the 2 collectively and although the thought of asking her was in my mind I just did not ask because i knew I won't get a reasonable answer.So onetime when I was holding her phone I noticed her smartphone I noticed that they are actually even chatting on social media whatsapp. I took a look at thier chats history and this is what I came across,Read the chats attached below.

Seeing all this gave me the answer to the question why the 2 used to like being around each other but then now ever since I saw this I have not made any confrontations yet,I am just here keeping my distance to all both of them trying to figure out what to do now that things are this way between 2 of them.

According to your understanding as reader's what the right thing to do when one is trapped in a situation like this? Please state your views in the comments section 

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