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A Pedi's man attempt to marry his Zulu girlfriend fell short after lobola negotiations went South

A man who is from Limpopo, that's according to his Facebook post, says he tried to send his uncles to negotiate for him, so that he can marry his Zulu girlfriend. However, according to the man, things didn't go as planned, because apparently the lobola negotiations went South. Lobola negotiations are very hard difficult in their nature. And one can imagine how difficult it must be when two people who come from different cultural background try to engage in lobola negotiations. It must be remembered that in South Africa we have different cultures. It is worth stating here that there is some slight difference in all the cultures that are found in South Africa.

The man on his Facebook post did indicate that he is from Limpopo. And he was looking forward to getting married to his girlfriend. However, readers are cautioned that the man's Facebook post is somewhat lacking in details. But, the Facebook post will be quoted in its entirety so that readers can be able to read what the Limpopo man has said.

According to the man, the two families couldn't reach agreement. However, the man didn't share further details on this regard.

At this point in time, it best to quote from the man himself:

"Today, I sent my uncles to KZN to negotiate lobola for me, so that I can finally tie the knot with my Zulu girlfriend. However, the lobola negotiations went South. The two families failed to find a common ground. I thought maybe there will be a Pedi and Zulu wedding not so long. However, it seems like I will have to wait a little bit. Being from Limpopo seem to be hard"

Here is the Facebook link to the quoted post above

Below is the screenshot of the Facebook post of the man:

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