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Very sad| Mzwandile Masina loses his mayoral job to DA candidate



It ended in tears for Mzwandile Masina after losing his mayoral position to DA we're they have defeated him through the votes that they got from the EFF which has turned to be the most dangerous enemy for the Anc, because since the EFF has been launched the party has been losing many municipalities since 2016.

Ekhureleni was the only metro that Anc was proud of after losing both Tshwane and Joburg in the 2016 elections, and things have become worse now because they have lost Ekhureleni to their oppositions and this has ruined the plans that the party was having on this municipality.

Some can say that the party has shot themselves on the foot by failing to go to collision with the EFF.

The EFF offer was simple where they wanted the power in Tshwane then they will be voting for ANC to take over other metros.

Ekhureleni has been one of the municipalities that Anc was proud of because of the development of infrastructure that was taking place on that minicipality.

The step aside resolution has become worse because the party has destroyed itself by causing more division amongst themselves.

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