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OPINION| Why is the Shembe Church Asking for the Government Intervention?

Lockdown in South Africa has now formally turn out to be a funny story and technically it is over. The image of 10 000 marching in Durban is simply one sect of the Shembe Church that introduced Durban to a standstill yesterday. The different two images are of ANC LGE rallies, definitely extra than the guidelines pax of 500 and no bodily distancing. But then gathering guidelines for political rallies had been amended after the KZN "riots, then there may be still the lots that celebrated Shaka Day aka Heritage Day in KZN therefore I repeatWhile there technically changed into in no way a lockdown in 80% of South Africa in which the humans, stay aspect through aspect and on pinnacle of every different, lockdownmustfall and so have to masks considering we're double vaccinated, and therefore, due to the fact that ultimate year already. I've lived my life, plenty to the consternation of the hypocritical Karens, as I refuse to be subsumed in an Animal Farm. They will have all the fun, however I can not pass celebration at First Thursdays due to the fact there may be a pandemic ?

And it seems superspreader is only a fearmongering phrase due to the fact KZN, isn't always demise like flies since the months of public occasions of masses and lots such as the King's demise activities, the "riots" and modern ongoing activities

Crazy world, the church want government intervention, are you serious? This government who can't even manage a 20cents without corruption? So you found that real life is not like the internet. On the internet you can choose who to follow and that will not change over nite. But in life you can follow Unyazi, problem is you can wakeup tomorrow morning and be Zikala's follower without notification

Where does the government enter on they internal affairs, besides if you guys wanna have to factions Isee no fault in that as both players are the descendants of the same founder, then followers can choose whom they wanna be led with, so why drag internal affairs to court?

Where is the word of God in this,what is the truth,what is the normal cultural practise, is the God of the factions the same? Why not allow God to choose the leader? Is the leader so important than God? What are the basic foundations of the church?, why government but not God, is that a church or social organisation? Looking into the government that can not solve simple things like potholes. They said everyone wore masks, but did not do the social distancing. I don't see mask on this pictures. A church, but big liars

So If the government had not interfered in their church matters, they would not be out there marching against the government. 7/8ths of the members of that church chose their own leadership and the courts ruled against them in favour of a minority. There would be none of this 'Covid19 regulations' nywere nywere if there had not been interference in their affairs in the first place

This pandemic is a scam, other countries are going to stadiums and we aren't but they allow hundreds to attend rallies, campaigns and marches this is just a scam CR should just open the economy

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