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A Limpopo man showed off his "Soft Life" and had a lot of people talking. See comments.

A man on a food sharing Facebook page shared what he was about to prepare with the caption " soft life" and had a lot of people talking. On the pictures there was what looks like birds and some spice.See his post down below.

What is soft life, well the description of soft life is actually subjective, it's different from person to person, to some it might be about having a lot of money while to others it might be the smallest things. After the man showed off his so called soft life, a lot of people reacted under the post and had a lot to say. Most people were in stiches after seeing this. Some even saying that they used to live this kind of life in the past while some were not convinced that this is soft life. See some of people's comments down below.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below.


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