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Police battling with a gang resisting arrest in Klerksdorp

A group where battle with the police in Klerksdorp near shopping centers after attempting to collect their cigarettes and the group refused, then the police change the mission to confiscating the cigarette to arresting one of the group member but the friend coming to fight off the police.

The incident took place yesterday where by a gang was standing outside having smoke and the police said to had provoked the ground, by saying "useless man standing outside here smoking your lives out".

According to the information given the police and the group started exchanging words and the police attempt to arrest one of the group member, and the others came in and told the police to walk away because they had done nothing wrong but it wasn't about to end the police took out his gun trying to intimidate the group that made it worse.

The group stand and order them to shoot as they are use to doing nothing but to bother innocent people instead of fighting real criminals, police should stop taking advantage of residents and let them be to prevent unnecessary arguments.

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