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Video of Ntando Duma and Lasizwe encounter in bed goes viral and this is what Lasizwe tried to do

According to Zalebs media publication, it has been reported that South African actress Ntando Duma has shared a video of herself lying in bed with YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza. According two social media platform Twitter where this video was shared, Lasizwe can be seen approaching her and trying to kiss Ntando while she pushes him away, these people are best friends you'll never know what the kiss was gonna mean and it's not a crime to kiss your friend. Ntando broke into laughter after noticing what he was trying to do.

Lasizwe, according to the publication said the same video and captioned it, "when she finds out that you're only gay on Sundays."

Whenever need to come together they always serve the people content that they want to see. Just like on the last episode of the YouTuber, Drink or Tell the Truth where she was a guest, the show was on fire (great).

These two media personalities friendship comes along way that they both according to my opinion, they trust each other because they have always opened up about almost everything on social media and sharing with their fans too.

According to social media Twitter, the video that was shared, here below is a screenshot taken from the social media platform, in order to watch the video you have to click on the link that is provided at the bottom of this article.

I personally think that to show that their friendship comes a long way, this to don't even mind sharing a bed together because they are friends, and I seem to be spending much of our times together.

I personally to don't think it's a problem sharing a bed with your best friend of the opposite s*x, even as straight as I am, not sure about you what do you think about this.

Would you share, or not?

Source: Elegance7: Zalebs: Twitter

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