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The ANC do the following things so that people should trust them again

In fact, people no longer trust the leadership of the ruling party ANC, especially in the current situation because it clearly that the ANC shows that there is a big divide in the party.

there will be elections now but our leaders are not campaigning in cities but in homes where they do not think we can develop these areas.

but once voted in the areas the culprits are developing themselves in cities where they do not campaign.

so now we are asking them to fulfill their promises as they have the courage to go and campaign in rural areas (homes) where there is a grandmother who lives with 5 children in 1 room.

So we urge the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa to fix the issue of corruption and job opportunities and stop giving people empty promises especially those rural areas where they campaign by now.

Because they don't go to campaign in urban areas because they had everything there is no promise they will make if they have all the resources.

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