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A man sent his family to pay for Lobola and he was amazed by how the brides family responded

The man who had his family pay for Lobola was taken aback when he witnessed the reaction of the bride's family when they received the money that his family had paid for the wedding. He arranged for his family to foot the bill for Lobola.

It took him a few months to save up the sixty-five thousand dollars that were negotiated at the beginning of the engagement. He finally had enough money to make the down payment. There was a predetermined length of time associated with the commitment.

In the end, he was successful in raising the agreed-upon amount of cash, and he placed the responsibility for properly completing the transaction on his family.

The family of the bride was only awarded a total of R1,000, whilst the family of the groom received a total of R64,000.

When they were on their way back, while they were riding in the car, one of them made the following statement: "Because we want you to be able to create a family, we are giving you R64000 with the request that you marry our daughter and start a family. Because of the R1000 price tag on the food that had been prepared for this gathering, we decided to take it with us. We are confident that you will treat our daughter with kindness, and we sincerely hope that you will." We are really appreciative of the honor you have bestowed upon us, and we hope that both of you have a joyful and fruitful marriage. This is something that I simply cannot accept as true under any circumstances.

My impression is that this family has made it very simple for the father to get his money back in case it turns out that their daughter has been cheating on them.

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