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Possibility Of 350 Srd Grant Extention Becomes Slim See What Minister Of Finance Said

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has stated that the R350 social relief of distress award would not be extended beyond its March 2022 expiry date, emphasizing that the decision is reserved for the cabinet. "We feel the R350 stipend, or anything else, will expire; it was extended until March 31." He highlighted that the government, not the Treasury, must decide what to do between now and the end of March.

The government will decide whether or not to extend it, and if so, what they are willing to give up in order to do so. Before announcing his medium-term budget program, Godongwana addressed the media in parliament (MTBPS). He added that the fiscal framework was limited to R1.9 trillion and that any more spending on social assistance would need sacrifices in other areas to pay for the giveaways.

"If the government agrees to fund the extension, you may be able to reallocate funds across programs. They will then point us in the direction of where we should invest and fund our resources. That is not our option. We will take part in that debate, but it is not our choice "He mentioned it. Godongwana insisted that his MTBPS did not mean that the R350 award would be phased out, but rather that it would expire at the end of March.

This comes as the ANC and its coalition partners, such as Cosatu, step up their attempts to establish a permanent universal basic income payment for the poor. Godongwana remarked that if it is agreed that SA would generate R1.5 trillion and spend R1.9 trillion in the next fiscal year, resulting in an R4 billion deficit, then everything the government does must stay within the R1.9 trillion limit.

With the non-extension of the R350 SRD, I believe South Africans' plight will deteriorate considerably. The impoverished relied on the SRD regardless of how modest it was since it stopped them from resting on an empty stomach. The government must step up and do all possible to guarantee that the needy are fed during these terrible times; I am convinced that if they work hard enough, they will succeed.

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