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Large Scary Snake Spotted In Limpopo

A very huge snake was spotted by passers-by in the Limpopo province yesterday. 

Summer is almost here and that can only mean one thing: snakes are about to come out of their pits! However, it seems as if summer came early in one of Limpopo locations, Thabazimbi.

Residents in Thabazimbi in the Waterberg District are urged to be wary after a very strange snake that was spotted in the forest today. The large reptile was spotted by passers-by yesterday afternoon.

By the look of things, the snake whose species has not been identified, had just finished swallowing its meal. If you take a closer look at its stomach, you would notice that it is unarguably large as if it is full. One netizen thinks so too.

"This is big, and it looks like it just had lunch so it's busking the sun. Take note that cold blooded animals need sunlight/heat energy to digest their food...This powerful constrictor is non- venomous but extremely dangerous. It is an ambush predator", said Thabo Rakumako.

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