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Dj Maphorisa and Thuli must explain their lifestyle at groove


Twitter wants Dj Maphorisa to explain his lifestyle at entertainment venues with Thuli Phongolo, because fans are not grabbing the fullest extent of their relationship, which is seen in the groove from regular moments.

The public domain is all the time fiddling around their social media timeline looking for what it keeps their interest in public figures' lifestyles. Thuli Phongolo made it very clear that even though they are seen on a regular basis at the groove, she is still single.


The other participants, on the other hand, are not convinced by how they see everything from their stand.Their other video clips that has been circulating on social media appearing to be convincing, that they are in a relationship but are not disclosing everything on the internet.

Some of the participants see friendship between the two stars. Everyone has a view about this most recent trending encounter from the previous day. It is always interesting to see how investigative they are from time to time. Most of it was later confirmed as they managed to find out.


In most cases, it is about female celebrities or famous people who are posting on their social media accounts, that nothing about what is trending and are only circulating as rumours. Social media investigators do not live such matters easily before they are confirmed.

Not so long ago, Maphorisa's friend was revealed that he was actually having a relationship with Skeen Sam actress, but the lady denied the matter, which was later confirmed. At the moment, Twitter will reveal whether the two DJs are going out to entertainment venues together or if it is a relationship not directly confirmed.


As it is at the moment, tabs are directed to them. After this one, there will definitely be something that was kept behind and the other person will be looking to disapprove it like others before. If something should be confidential, it should not be on social media platforms and investigators from social media will not stop trying to connect the dots.

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