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Divorce Affair

Leaked Chat Of A Girl Begging Her Boyfriend To Accept Her Back Hits Social Media.

In response to a female message to her boyfriend inquiring as to why he has blocked him, the young guy who goes by the name of Lyrics Forson makes it clear to the young lady who goes by the name of Brinda that they are free to continue their connection because he has cheated on her with another woman.

When Brinda expressed her dissatisfaction, the gentleman told her that he always made her feel welcome and supplied her all the basics she needed. It was also said that he had opted not to have any sexual intercourse with Brinda since he was prepared to marry her and that, following their marriage, they would be free to do anything they pleased. Brinda, on the other hand, had an affair with the guy's best friend.

While Brinda is now begging with Lyrics to forgive her, he refuses to accept her because Lyrics claims he loves that person, which is why she had an affair with him in the first place. As a consequence, he will not accept her since Lyrics had previously declined Jane, who was a huge admirer of his.

Take a peek at what they are saying to one another.

What are your opinions on this topic, as well, fellow gentlemen? If Lyrics should forgive Brinda, or whether he should go on and find a girl who would be devoted to him, the question remains.

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